According to its memorandum, the Hunting Club’s primary objective sare to organise hunters and their hunting training, to help them develop a hunting consciousness and learn to respect the environment, as well as to contribute in the community’s efforts to protect, preserve and develop the game while managing the environment in a sustainable manner. 
Evers in ceits establishment, the Hunting Club of Agglisides has been struggling to maintain the tradition of hunting, while always respecting the laws and the environment. The club has been making great efforts to keep its members informed and sensitive towards the problems of hunting and the problems caused to the environment. To achieve these goals, the Club is present in events and venues which are either directly or indirectly related to hunting.

A concept which is directly linked to hunting is that of developing a hunting-friendly and an environmentally-friendly spirit, which entails actions such as the improvement of habitats within the club’s jurisdiction by organizing tree-plantings, special seeding events, by constructing watering systems, releasing prey and organizing fire protection volunteer groups. 
All these activities define the identity of the Hunting Club, as well as the dynamic involvement of its members on matters related to hunting, the environment and the society in general.

Source: Charalambos Charalambous, President