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Located in the centre of the village is the big church dedicated to Agia Marina and Agios Therapontas, the two Saints of the village.

The need for the construction of this large church rose when the two small churches, the church of Agia Marina and the church of Agios Therapontas could not accommodate the Christians of the village. In fact, in the past the mass used to be conducted interchangeably to either the church of Agia Marina or the church of Agios Therapontas. 

In particular, father Marios Panteli explains the following in an interview: “After 1974 and the creation of two refugee housings in the village there was a need for the creation of a larger church since both existing churches were too small to accommodate the people and especially during the great holidays. After many efforts, fund raisings and events, we managed to build the larger church. The church construction was completed in 1996, when a mass began to be conducted there regularly. However, several works, including the formation of the surrounding area, were still incomplete. The church was fully completed in 2002, when the myrrh ceremony was held by the metropolitan bishop of Kiti Chrysostomos on November 24th, 2002. The crosses on the church wall have been blessed with Holy Myrrh”.


Agglisides Community Council

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