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Dear fellow villagers and friends,

Nowadays, all of us sense the need to exchange ideas. We feel the need to engage in a discussion that can lead to such changes which can positively contribute in the improvement of our standard of living and it is within this context that our website operates. This website will reflect the identity of our community. We hope that your browsing on our electronic pages will be both pleasant and creative.   

Through this website we shall state our viewpoints, keep you up to date on our future plans and visions and also record your own viewpoints. We hope that all of us will take advantage of this opportunity offered to us by modern technology and use it for the benefit of our community.

We are confident that this website will constitute a permanent and stable channel of communication both with our fellow villagers who have settled outside our community and our expatriate fellow villages living overseas, whose assistance has so far helped our community enormously.


On behalf of the Community Council

Stavros Nicolaou

Community Council President   

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