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Planned within 2012 is the construction of a greenery area along Archbishop Makarios Street, in front of the “Eilikrineia” store. It is a 73-metre-long and 3-metre-wide flower garden. There will be a 40-centimetre-high concrete wall lined with decorative stone, while spaces for the planting of flowers will be formed. This construction will also be used as a bench.

Planned within 2012 is the lining of the two existing low walls, which are today covered in concrete, with decorative stone. These walls are located opposite the Cemetery.

What is more, the former Community Council has received approval for improvement works at the two road junctions presented in the following photo, which entail an alteration in their routing so that the main road will be accessed vertically.  

Apart from the junctions, a small triangular space will be created at the first junction due to the improvement works and it is our intention to erect a monument there dedicated to the fallen heroes of our community.  

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