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The President and the Members of the Anglisides Community Council elected during the Community elections held on December 18th , 2016: 
Full Name: Stavros Nicolaou (President)
Τelephone: 99587093
Full Name: Eleni Sakkada (Vice-President)
Τelephone: 99575015
The members of the Community Council are:
Full Name: Αndreas Georgiou
Τelephone: 99411755
Full Name: Petros Petrou
Τelephone: 99688224
Full Name: Christakis Andreou
Τelephone: 99669399
Full Name: Sotiris Andreou
Τelephone: 99843084
Full Name: George Ptochopoulos
Τelephone: 99932143
Full Name: Panayiota Panayi
Τelephone: 99425337
Full Name: Thekla Constantinou
Τelephone: 96330380
The personnel of the Community Council:
Full Name: Ioanna Ioannou Sparsi (Secretary)
Τelephone: 24432480, 24433645
Full Name: Andreas Aggeli (Worker)
Τelephone: 99547005
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